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How our Jewellery valuation & advisory services can benefit you

Sorrel is able to undertake a jewellery valuation and offer advice from a very well informed standpoint - all her working life she has had close links with London's jewellery trade, and as such she is privy to the very latest trends and fashions which can directly impact on the value of your jewellery.

Current preferences for Jewellery are now more than ever being influenced by the desire to show individuality. The deciding factor on choosing an item of jewellery is now often more to do with the beauty and impact of an innovative design from our past rather than the intrinsic value of the stones and metals that are used in its creation. This change in taste has often seen obscure and overlooked periods of jewellery propelled into prominence, with prices rising accordingly. However the reverse has also happened: for instance, fussy heavily decorated Victorian brooches command lower prices than they did 20 years ago.

Many Jewellery boxes contain pieces of vintage costume jewellery which, once discounted as inferior, are now in great demand and prices are steadily rising. The vast majority of costume jewellery produced in the latter part of the 20thcentury has little intrinsic value as the emphasis was placed on low cost manufacture and affordability – but it is the perfect commodity to sustain the huge demand for eye-catching, fairly inexpensive baubles to complement the outfits of the most bohemian of dressers in the 21st century.

As availability of the higher quality vintage and designer pieces decreases and the prices increase to unobtainable levels; signed pieces from iconic designers such as Cartier, Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arples have become especially desirable. This has prompted the less well off collector looking for exquisite quality and design to re-evaluate other genre of jewels.

Our Impartial, competitive and confidential services

Jewellery valuations and appraisals are services offered by Culvertons throughout central & southern England principally in Surrey, Sussex, Kent & Hampshire, and including London.

An accurate estimation of the value of chattels (moveable goods) is a requirement by HM Revenue and Customs for Inheritance Tax purposes. It is also used by the legal profession for Divorce Proceedings and insurance companies for financial protection cover. Whether a valuation for jewellery forms part or all of the submission, a Culverton's report meets the legal requirements placed on solicitors, executors and businesses, as well as private individuals.

If you wish to arrange an appointment or have a question about our services or how we would assess items in your possession please send us an email via are contact page.

Culvertons also offer a most competitive package of additional services relating to the handling of estates, which aims to reduce the burden placed upon executors and solicitors. 

Culvertons‘ knowledge, experience and advice are just a phone call away.

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