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Furniture restoration

For twenty years the directors of Culvertons have built up a network of the very best furniture restorers and an in depth knowledge of materials and techniques making sure each one takes pride in conserving the past in a sympathetic manner leaving beautiful workmanship to be appreciated long into the future.

Too many times an item’s value, beauty, patina and in some cases its historical importance has been ruined in a few minutes by untrained, ill-equipped, unsympathetic or wrongly motivated ‘restorers’. You are left to pay an expensive bill with your item worth less than when you embarked on the restoration project so Culvertons assure you that:

  • Our French polishers, cabinet makers, guilders, wood turners and carvers take great care in every aspect of restoration and refinishing from doors, architrave and flooring to the conserving of a tea caddy, desk or dining table.

The artisans we employ are just as adept at working within a corporate, commercial or residential setting as they are within a traditional workshop.

Culvertons actively look for and recycle period timber; cabinet hardware such as castors hinges and locks which are essential to successful conservation work.

Polishes, waxes, veneers and adhesives are just some of the many materials Culvertons source from long established companies. (Their history is such that they may even have supplied the original materials that aided in the manufacture and finish to your piece of furniture.)

Culvertons are fully insured for the work we carry and the transportation of antiques and fine art.

Using professionals in any field comes at a premium but by using our craftsmen and women with their years of accumulated experience and instinct will make sure that the hours spent are kept to a minimum, yet still leaving you with something that is functional, visually and financially enhanced giving pleasure to future generations.

Culvertons‘ knowledge, experience and advice are just a phone call away.


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