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Insurance Valuations - Culvertons

Culvertons‘ knowledge and depth of experience working within the changing fashions and trends within the market place enable us to keep track of the fluctuating values of Antiques and Fine Art in the 21st Century. This is an essential element of the production of an effective and up to date insurance valuation.

Instructing Culvertons to create an accurate inventory and valuation for insurance purposes of your Fine art and Antiques is a vital form of protection. In the event of loss (partial/complete) whether by theft or destruction an accurate and confident claim can be made giving you peace of mind during a stressful time. Hopefully allowing you to replace if possible best replica watches, like for like or be recompensed quickly and efficiently by your insurance company.

Any claim for loss within your home or business would be supported by a valuation for insurance prepared by Culvertons and taking the form of an inventory, to aid in identifying a missing or damaged antique or work of art. A listing of the contents is carried out on a room by room basis with photographs of the more important pieces adjacent to the text.

An insurance valuation can be a useful document in supporting the wishes within a Replica Watches Last Will & Testament on the dispersal of an estate between family members or within marital or partnership disputes or purely as a document to confirm the value of objects for future tax planning.

For whatever reason you decide that a valuation for insurance is prudent and needs to be carried out, Culvertons‘ expertise can be brought to bear so as to assure our clients of the highest level of professionalism, discretion and dedication no more so than within our valuations department.

Culvertons‘ knowledge, experience and advice are just a phone call away.




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