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Antique Restoration

Culvertons has always satisfied the steady demand for high-quality antique restoration, but with the ever-growing appreciation of craftsmanship within contemporary design our workshops are busier than ever. To keep pace with this change in taste Culvertons has expanded its network of traditional antique furniture and fine art restorers, now enabling it to carry out high-quality conservation to metalwork, lighting and a vast array of decorative items from the 20th century.

This resurgence of interest in craftsmanship is not really new but follows cycles. In the late 19th century the Arts and Crafts Movement, embodying the principles laid down by William Morris, derived its stimulus from the discontent with machine-made and mass-produced furniture, and the resulting similarity of the interiors of the average Victorian home. The arrival of the elegant, glamorous but functional Art Deco era in the 1920s brought to an end the sombre years of the 1st World War, and its influence permeated all areas of design.

We are now in a wonderful period of artistic freedom of choice, objects, which were once part of our industrial past, vie for space in our homes with the traditional arts and crafts from previous centuries. Distressed leather, polished steel and verdigris copper now compete with period mahogany and walnut, laboratory tables with library tables, searchlights with chandeliers. Individuals from all walks of life can indulge their personal taste by choosing between items of historic, natural, and industrial interest, or the just plain bizarre.

The role of the Culvertons‘ specialist restorer, apart from conserving the rare and historic, is to reveal the beauty and increase the value of any individual piece by transforming it into an eye-catching item that enhances your home or workplace.

Our impartial, competitive and confidential services

Culvertons provide valuation, restoration, conservation and probate services, throughout central & southern England, principally in Surrey, Sussex, Kent & Hampshire, and including London.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and strong ethical working practices, striving to ensure these are demonstrated in all aspects of the work we do.

If you wish to arrange an appointment, have a question about our services, or how we would assess items within an estate you are representing, please send us an email via our contact page.

Culvertons‘ knowledge, experience and advice are just a phone call away.


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