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Antique furniture valuations obtained in this selective market may be misleading executors & individuals – we can help identify pieces that are still in strong demand.

Clients may assume the antique furniture valuations provided by Culvertons will always reflect the overall trend of declining values in the UK. The recently-published furniture index, based on a blend of retail and auction prices for 1400 typical rather than exceptional pieces, published by the Antique Collectors Club since 1968, shows an overall slow decline in values for English antique furniture over the last two decades. Taking these findings together with negative articles within the national press and clips from televised auctions, you would be forgiven for dismissing all antique furniture, for reasons of fashion and function, as being out of favour and a poor investment - but you would be ill-advised to do so.

For instance Jonathan Roberts, Culvertons’ furniture specialist, sees things in a different light. He is one of a group of dealers, interior designers and individuals, still ready to do battle on a daily basis to promote the merits of quality antique furniture that is functional without being over bearing - eye catching without being fussy, and is able to complement today’s contemporary interiors. Jonathan urges solicitors, executors and indeed anyone having the responsibility to ensure an accurate assessment of the value of the contents of an estate, not to dismiss antique furniture without first making use of Culvertons’ competitive valuation and advisory services, because for some pieces values are still actually increasing. The trick is to identify which.

Jonathan says .....

‘Thankfully, since the millennium, there has been a reappraisal of approach to tastes in interior design such that the quality and craftsmanship inherent in selected pieces of antique furniture are now seen as still worthy of being juxtaposed with the very modern in today’s interiors – now in 2014 , the market has been transformed and energised with strong prices being achieved for such pieces.

Our impartial, competitive and confidential services

Antique furniture valuations and appraisals are services offered by Culvertons throughout central & southern England principally in Surrey, Sussex, Kent & Hampshire, and including London.

An accurate estimation of the value of ‘chattels’ (all portable goods) is a requirement by HM Revenue and Customs for Inheritance Tax purposes. It is also often required, by the legal profession in divorce proceedings and insurance companies for financial protection cover. Whether a furniture valuation forms part or all of what is requested, a Culverton's report meets the legal requirements placed on solicitors, executors and businesses, as well as private individuals.

If you wish to arrange an appointment or have a question about our services or how we would assess items in your possession please send us an email via our contact page.

Culvertons also offer a most competitive package of additional services relating to the handling of estates, which aims to reduce the burden placed upon executors and solicitors.

Culvertons‘ knowledge, experience and advice are just a phone call away.

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